For the best in Woodland Park Asphalt Paving & Repair look no further than Asphalt Advanced Services (AAS).  Since 2009 AAS has been providing reliable asphalt services to both residential and commercial customers at affordable prices.

Our services include asphalt paving, pothole repair, asphalt crack repair, asphalt sealcoating, line and parking lot striping.  Our asphalt experts are available by phone 7 days a week from 7am to 7pm.

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Potholes in your asphalt as well as cracks where the asphalt is now unlevel causes tripping hazards that put you and visitors to your property at risk.  For asphalt and pothole repair in Woodland Park, AAS is well equipped and experienced to make cost effective recommendations to remedy your asphalt issues.

Woodland Park, at 8265 feet about sea level is an alpine subarctic climate.  Weather is colder and the city experiences more snow than lower altitudes like Colorado Springs.  Because of this, asphalt surfaces take a beating.  Keeping on top of the condition of your asphalt and making repairs early and often will lengthen the life of your driveway or parking lot.

Asphalt Advanced Services provides FREE price quotes and the owners pride themselves on not overselling.  We only make recommendations that make sense for your situation as we want you to be so pleased with our services that you call us for all your asphalt needs.  Whether you  need complete milling and resurfacing of your asphalt surface or just some simple asphalt repairs (crack filling or pothole patching), we are your one stop asphalt repair shop.


The number one question we get from clients is how often should I do asphalt maintenance or asphalt sealcoating.  The answer is that maintenance should be done early and soon as issues arise.  Sealcoating should be done after the asphalt has cured for six months and then every one to three years depending upon use.  Another question we get is how long does it take to sealcoat a driveway.  Typically, we can do an average driveway in half a day.  And you should be able to walk on it the next day.  Of course, larger driveways or parking lots will take longer.  Asphalt sealcoating makes your surface look like new and our process is quick and painless.


For ADA compliant parking lot striping,Woodland Park commercial property owners turn to the experts at Asphalt Advanced Services.  As specialists in commercial parking lot striping we understand the intricacies of ADA Guidelines for parking lot striping.  Our goal is to ensure your lot is compliant.  Our line striping services include handicap stalls, fire lanes, pedestrian walkways, directional arrows and any other markings required by local codes.  Most importantly, we understand that there are times your parking lot is busier than others.  We will work with you to ensure the least interruption. 

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