For 8 years now, AAS has been using a commercial grade sealer to provide the best protection and look for your asphalt. Please read below to see what products we use for our customers. Also see the additives we use to make our product even stronger!

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We use a mixture of Sealmasters Coal tar emulsion sealer and Master Seal.

Coal tar emulsion Sealer: PMCTS.pdf
Master Seal: MasterSealConcSpec.pdf

White bucket with red, black and white label says Top Tuff

Top Tuff

Top Tuff is a polymer latex resin emulsion designed to modify both asphalt based and coal tar based pavement sealer emulsions. Top Tuff imparts outstanding toughness, locks in aggregate, and provides a blacker color to the cured, dried film.

To read more click here: ​Top Tuff

Black bucket with green writing says FSA - fast sealing additive - use for sealcoating asphalt pavement


Speeds Up The Drying Time Of Sealer. Designed for situations requiring rapid drying i.e. drive-thrus, spring and fall applications.

To read more click here: FSA

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CrackMaster Supreme

Our crackfiller is heated to 350 degrees before being applied to ensure strength.

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